Fav Five Friday: Scene Stealers

Fav Five Friday:  Scene Stealers

It’s a strange thing, to be a scene stealer.  These are characters and performances that are usually meant to be only minor supporting characters rather than the main focus of their story, or maybe even just a minor background detail, but end up being so very interesting and fascinating that they overshadow everything else.  This(…)

Batman: Assault on Arkham Review

Batman: Assault on Arkham Review

With their latest release, Batman: Assault on Arkham, it feels like the new DC animated movie team has finally dialed-in on their target. When Bruce Timm stepped down as head of that division in 2013, the movies that followed were (and are) heavily-influenced by action anime in terms of art, pacing and narrative devices. That style,(…)

Fav Five Friday: Couples

Fav Five Friday:  Couples

When we first decided on this week’s theme, we didn’t realize how difficult it would be to find solid examples of it.  The basic idea here is that we wanted to celebrate well-written couples in genre media, but ones that were specifically not the focus of the story they’re being told.  For example, Scott Pilgrim(…)

Fav Five Friday: Female Protagonists

Fav Five Friday:  Female Protagonists

After we published last week’s article on Mentors, it was politely pointed out to us just how dude-heavy our list was – and that the only female example on our list was a rather nasty evil mastermind.  To try and balance the scales a little bit, we’re focusing this week on Female Protagonists in genre(…)

Movie Monday: The Peacemaker

Movie Monday:  The Peacemaker

In our current post-9/11 world, old thrillers, especially the only mildly old ones from the late-90s seem laughably dated and hilariously out-of-touch. Even moreso than older movies like Hopscotch (with Walter Matthau as a forcibly-retired CIA agent telling tales out of school duirng the end of the Cold War), these post-Peristroika, pre-Global-War-On-Terror have a quaint,(…)

Fav Five Friday: Mentors

Fav Five Friday:  Mentors

Not all protagonists have the slightest clue what they’re doing at the start of the story – before they can resolve their primary conflict, they might need a little help. This is where the Mentor comes in. They recognize the hero’s need, and then provide guidance. Sometimes that guidance is hands-on training that seems more(…)