Where We Watch Wednesdays: Babylon 5 — “Deathwalker”

Original air date: April 20, 1994 It’s time for another episode of Where We Watch Wednesdays! This week: Babylon 5: “Deathwalker,” a heartwarming story of immortality, genocide, and deliberate telepathic torture by inscrutable alien beings. Seriously, it’s a little dark this week. And next. But on the bright side, lots of Kosh and Lennier! Well,(…)

Fav Five Friday: Aliens and Fantasy Races

Fav Five Friday:  Aliens and Fantasy Races

Aliens and Fantasy Races are used in a wide variety of ways in our media.  Sometimes they’re used as an allegory for an aspect of humanity that the writer wants to examine, or a slightly warped reflection of humanity overall.  Other times, they’re as different from us as possible, alien in every sense of the(…)

Movie Monday: Only Lovers Left Alive

Movie Monday:  Only Lovers Left Alive

When you exclude movies about Dracula, there are basically three kinds of vampire movies. One is about thrills, chills and cool action/fight scenes, ala Fright Night, Blade, Underworld, etc. Those are fun and cool movies and in general I enjoy even the bad ones. Another kind is the vampire soft-core porn movie (though they rarely(…)